Swank Lighting Swank Lighting

I arrived back from my Dallas Market trip to find an email in my stuffed Inbox informing me that I was the winner of the Swank Lighting cont...

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8:13 AM

New Baby New Baby

I received wonderful news yesterday: my client Elizabeth is expecting her second child. Congratulations Elizabeth, I am so happy for you. Ma...

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7:45 AM

{ Calling Card Chic } { Calling Card Chic }

I was having some fun on this stationery web-site I found called Iomoi and fell in love with their designs for calling cards and I started ...

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7:44 AM

{ Happy Monday } { Happy Monday }

You may notice a new wider format for my Blog and a few other tricks that I picked up this weekend from reading the Blogging "How To&qu...

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8:00 AM

{ Campaign Beds } { Campaign Beds }

What is the history of campaign furniture? The invention of campaign furniture – meaning furniture made for travel –was designed for militar...

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8:57 AM

{ The Art of Chic Flower Arranging } { The Art of Chic Flower Arranging }

These are some images of flower arrangements that caught my eye on my latest trip to LA and Dallas. I was attracted to these because of thei...

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3:33 PM

{ Vintage Children's Wallpaper } { Vintage Children's Wallpaper }

This is a sample of a vingate wallpaper for a nursery I am doing for baby Inigo. It is printed by Design Your Wall . The first picture is a ...

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8:52 AM

{ Registry Bliss } { Registry Bliss }

Anne from Perfect Bound Blog contacted me recently and asked me to contribute to a series of Posts she is doing on "Registry Bliss"...

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8:25 AM

{ LA, Dallas, and Meeting Joni } { LA, Dallas, and Meeting Joni }

Dennis & Leen Showroom LA Day 1 - LA We arrived to sheer Bliss - sunshine and 72 degree temperature, which was most welcome after leavi...

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12:08 PM