Here, as promised, is my checklist to help you source the loveliest products at the best prices.

It's NOT as easy as just picking the very cheapest. No, my friends, that would be the oldest trick in the book. Sometimes, sometimes, you'll hit jackpot, and the cheapest company will also be the best. But, it can be a complete minefield so I thought I'd put together a little checklist to help you track down the best buys for your home.

1) Do a Google Search for your product, using their Shopping tab. This will compare the prices of the same product from loads of different retailers and does a lot of the hard work for you. In this case, I was looking for our gorgeous Burlington High Level WC.

2) There are often a few shops who are selling at similarly low prices. Be warned. Some of these are cowboys. There are horror-stories a-plenty about customers who have been sent faulty goods with ne'er a comeback. Lots of retailers came up in my search but this helped to narrow down the better prices.

3) PHONE their customer services number. This is essential. Mistakes happen, and if the worst comes to the worst and you need to sort out an issue (which happens with even the best of intentions) then you need quick, easy and efficient human contact. Some of the companies didn't even have a telephone number but I was most impressed with Victorian Plumbing, who answered promptly, were helpful and offered good advice. They've got a large range of lovely traditional toilets, including the exact Burlington High-Level Traditional Toilet I was looking for.

4) Google the name of the company. Very often, forums will throw up some interesting conversations about certain companies to avoid, and conversely, companies to leap aboard! Review sites like Trustpilot are also worth checking out.

5) Buy with confidence! Our products arrived quickly 
and in perfect condition. In fact, we were so pleased that we ordered the taps and sink from Victorian Plumbing too. Hurrah! 

Can you think of any more points to add to this list? 
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