West Coast Homes & Design West Coast Homes & Design

This is an article that was just published in West Coast Homes & Design. PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning internatio...

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6:04 PM

Dreaming of Summer Dreaming of Summer

Summer is just around the corner – or is this wishful thinking on my part? At this time of year my thoughts turn to thinking of summer and i...

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5:21 PM

Kitchen of Serenity Kitchen of Serenity

First, let me apologise for my husband's disgraceful behaviour. Hijacking my blog? Who does that rascal think he is? ♥ ♥ *swoon* ♥ ♥ I f...

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4:16 AM

Valentine's Day Part Two. Valentine's Day Part Two.

Er.... Hello - is anybody there....? This is the occasionally referred to Mr Modern Country speaking. It is Valentine's day and this is ...

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7:45 AM

It's Valentine's Day It's Valentine's Day

Whether you're smooching with your partner..... {how romantic is this?} or spending the evening with good friends (doesn't that lo...

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3:41 AM

Pale Sofa: Sin or Saviour? Pale Sofa: Sin or Saviour?

Well? What did you think? I think Wednesday's English Garden Party was one of the best Garden Parties I've ever been to. Really and...

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8:16 AM

My English Garden Linky Party My English Garden Linky Party

Welcome to My English Garden Party ! And some ground-breaking news too. It's an exciting moment for me at Modern Country Style....I&#...

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4:37 AM

Valentine's Rosebud Initials Valentine's Rosebud Initials

Here are my Valentines Rosebud Ornaments . I've shaped them into our initials. G for Guy S for Sarah And, of course, a heart. Sarah lo...

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6:06 AM

Rosebud crafty tutorial Rosebud crafty tutorial

Hello again, sweet pea, Well, am I glad to see you today. It's so good to have some adult company. {Between you and me, the chicken pox ...

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5:13 AM

In Quarantine.... In Quarantine....

Well, it's been a funny kind of a day for me. My plans have been thrown off-kilter a wee bit because my smallest kiddiewink has come dow...

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4:31 AM

Valentine's Cushion Valentine's Cushion

I have an announcement to make. You are all cordially invited to:   Modern Country Style's English Garden Party on Wednesday 9th Februar...

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7:18 AM