Well, it's been a funny kind of a day for me. My plans have been thrown off-kilter a wee bit because my smallest kiddiewink has come down with chicken pox.
This weekend, we'll be taking it easy, as we're in quarantine. I'm thinking that we'll need lots of special treats scattered throughout the day.

For me.

Like a long lie-down in this lovely bed.


I'll be back on Monday with my promised rosebuds. They're looking so beautiful. I'm really looking forward to sharing them with you.

Oh, and then remember next Wednesday 9th is my English Garden Party at Modern Country Style. I can't wait to see all your garden or flower or...or....or anything-at-all outdoors related posts.

Thank you SO much to everyone who's grabbed the button that's on my sidebar.

See it over there to your right? Wouldn't it make *your* sidebar so pretty?!!

Have a gorgeous weekend, my cherubs.

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I'm linking to the parties in my sidebar...