I must tell all of you who haven't had a chance to visit this Blog: Cote de Texas written by Joni what you are missing. Joni is an Interior Designer living in Texas and writes the most robust, interesting, informative and well researched posts. She continues to amaze me with the depth and breadth of her research. I find myself re-visiting and re-reading her posts and always learn something new with each visit to her site. As well Joni is friendly and charming and always has a good comment to share.

Some of my favourite posts of hers are:

Vermeer and Camera Obscura I was fascinated by this post and the theory postulated on the use of the Camera Obscura by Great Artists. I learnt something new and my interest is piqued to read more on the subject because of this post.

Round Top , Texas
An excellent round-up of photos of the famous Round Top market that is held in Texas twice yearly. This post makes me want to go there next year.

Farrow and Ball
A great review of the new Farrow and Ball book as seen through Joni's eyes.

Paris in Houston Part 1
At the same time that I go to the Round Top market I want to visit this store in Houston that Joni takes us on a tour of. She has the great ability to make you feel like you are right there with her looking at all the treasures.

Living with Dogs and Slipcovers
This has to be the best resource that Joni has compiled on slipcovers that I have ever come across. I love the casual elegance of slipcovers, so this post was especially appealing to me. Don't you love the picture of this Lab all comfy in his (or hers) slipcovered chair

My Design: Family Room Joni walks us through her design process for her own Family Room. I would love to visit her and sit in this room. It is charming, comfortable and totally liveable, exactly what a family room should be. And the last picture on this post is of a bowl of pictures that Joni keeps on her coffee table. A perfect way to get those photos off the computer and get everyone looking at them and reminiscing.

Joni's latest post Most Influential Blogs - Her Picks:

My pick to be added to this impressive list is:

My thanks to you Joni for all your hard work and research. I am continually inspired by you!!!