What are the areas worth investing in when renovating? Storage has to be up there somewhere on your list. Don't you agree? It's one of the areas that's totally worth paying for: beautiful, good quality storage will last you a lifetime....and beyond.  I always think that you could have the most beautiful things in the world but if they're covered in clutter then the effect is lost.

I love the skirting continued around the base...
Clutter is the enemy of beauty.

Doors set into cupboards always spell quality to me.

 I am a girl who...ahem....likes her clothes. Shoes, jumpers, dresses, tops, trousers, skirts, underwear, shorts, jackets, scarves, hats, coats....... Not to mention Mr Modern Country's collection.

That's a lot of stuff to store!

Gorgeous panelling.

We were going to need a lot of cupboards!

I love the way this fits into an existing alcove.

The look I wanted in our Master Bedroom was Attic Chic. Yes, I made that up and I'm rather proud of it!!  

Big is beautiful!
I wanted to embrace the beams, the crooked lines, the wonky floor, the sloping ceiling of our top floor. It's what gives this room bags of character. I love the look of attic rooms that have original built in cupboards. It's quite common in Edwardian houses because very often the servants' quarters were on the top floor, and any other unwanted clutter was kept up there too. Hence big cupboards up were needed.

Our Edwardian house has had many of it's features removed over the years so it feels right to be putting something like this into the house. Even though they won't be original, they will be in keeping. 

I'm loving the extra top row of cupboards for all those extra bits and bobs...

After a good, long browse around, I decided that Shaker style cupboards, painted white, were the way I wanted to go with this room. 

I like a reclaimed look, don't you?
I found lots of inspiration pictures but it was actually pretty hard to find a picture of exactly what I wanted so I kind of pieced together the bits I liked from a hotch-potch of different photos. Although this was more work, it did give me the chance to design our cupboards more or less from scratch, rather than trying to squeeze someone else's design into our space, which never really works, does it?

Not fitted but oooohhh.....

And when I say that it was work for me, between you and me, that's not entirely accurate because it's this bit, the designing things just for us, that I love!

Which is your favourite?

The detailing around the top really inspired me...

Next time, I'll be posting up all the details, good and bad but, in the meantime, here's a little peek of what we achieved....

Images: Peter Hendewrson; Kate Madison; Mark Wilkinson; Peter Henderson; JB Joinery; Pics Digger; Salvo; The Marston House Antiques; River Antiques