I wanted our bedroom to be completely immersed in Modern Country Style. Pared-down, simple blocks of colour and gorgeous, good quality bed linen - perfect for the attic-chic look I hankered after!

I'm so in love with the paint on the walls. I could stare at it for hours...and probably have! I chose Farrow and Ball's Light Blue - of course, not a true blue at all, but a dirty grey/green/blue. Incredibly restful, without being wishy-washy. I think it's one of the nicest colours in the world

I love clothes so I knew we'd need a lot of storage. I really enjoyed designing our cupboards. We've got 2 and a half double wardrobes and a large shoe cupboard, which you'd think would be enough for any girl (and her husband!) but I do seem to have a bad habit of expanding to fill the space I'm given!

I remember a story when I was little about Princess Penelope, who had one outfit for everyday of the year. My ultimate ambition!! (That's a joke, Mr Modern Country...).

I really adore how this room has turned out. It was one of the first rooms that we renovated so I was finding my way.
I feel that the design I chose allows the bones of the room, with its lovely old beams, to really sing.

More details to follow...