....and the winner of the Kitchen final colour choice is:

Farrow and Ball's Blue Grey. Whooooooh! *raptuous applause*

My one slight concern is that the colour might be a tad strong all on it's own, so I think we will also be using Farrow and Ball's White Tie on one or two of the walls, yet to be decided. White Tie is officially described as: 'warm/neutral. The white of old, pre-brightened, starched cotton'. Good, useful information.

The Farrow and Ball description of Blue Grey is 'Try to view this colour in isolation from the others.' Uh? Eh? What?

I get what they're trying to say but a little extra information about the colour itself wouldn't go amiss. Yes, I hope you're listening, Mr and Mrs Farrow and Ball.

I'm talking to you. ;-)