Welcome to my 
lovely, lovely, lovely 
worldwide giveaway, 
{which will be open for two weeks only}. 

In honour of Fathers' Day,
I {very} proudly present to you
a gorgeous giveaway from

Here is the lady herself...
and is it just me or is that exactly the kind of dresser 
you want to have a good nose around?

They've super-generously offered two of their covetable mugs for YOU.
Yes, you!

Emma Bridgewater mugs are chunky and curvaceous. 
They feel and look utterly Modern Country.

Two lucky winners 
will be plucked at random.
One will win one of these brilliant mugs 
from the Black Toast range.
{The writing says 'Dad's like to sleep in front of the telly...my dad loves toy shops and racing on Saturdays' and inside 'Stripey Shirts...Kind And Strong'}

And the other will win the Starry Skies Daddy mug.
Aren't they completely luscious?

This giveaway is open worldwide to ALL
followers of Modern Country Style, 
{new and old}
If you'd like to be picked as a winner 
then leave a comment letting me know
how you subscribe to Modern Country Style.

For additional entries, 
blog, Tweet or Facebook 
about this giveaway, 
and let me know in the comments.

 Easy,  huh?