Here in the Cotswolds, the nights are still long and the days are still freeeeeeezing. Where's our Spring, I'd like to know? It's the kind of cold where it really gets into your bones, as grandparents around the world are wont to say. With that in mind, let's take a look at candle light....the mainstay of warming any space up, both literally and figuratively.

Candle light is rightly well-known for the warmth of its mellow, golden glow, which casts a flattering flicker over anything it touches. And that, my friends, is why you need candle light in your dining space. Where else do friends and family stare at your face for hours on end, particularly after a long day at work when you might not be at your perky-best? Yes, candles are DEFINITELY the way to go!

The problem is that candles can clutter up the table to the point of ridiculousness. If you look at some of these images, you'll see that they demonstrate my point perfectly. 

It's easy to make them look scrummy when there's nothing else on the table but add in food, sauces and a jug and there'll be no room left for relaxed elbows-on-the-table chatting...and that would never do.

I always say that there are a few rules to be guided by when picking your candle lights....

Let's take a look a good look at them on Wednesday. 

Images via Casa Tres Chic, Nicety, Bright Bazaar