I think I am actually in love with The Great British Sewing Bee currently airing on BBC. Here are my top five (of a billion gazillion) reasons why YOU should be watching.... 

1) The camaraderie of the contestants is heart-warming. 
They're all such a mixed bag but somehow all so likable. There's none of the sniping you get with The Apprentice (though plenty of snipping - hoho!). A perfect example of how ambition doesn't need to be undercut with rudeness. Ever.

2) The skills on show will get you whipping out your sewing machine. 
The sewers get a very limited time frame to fulfil the tasks so, as viewers, there's no waiting around, twiddling our thumbs. The action is fast-paced and tense....but soooooo inspirational. Yep, I've hauled out my sewing machine more times in the last month than in the last year. My head is positively abuzz with ideas.

3)The set is heavenly. 
Oh, the set is just bee-autiful {geddit?!}. The show is shot in a converted house in the City of London and has been styled to perfection along an industrial-country vein. Low-hanging metal lights. The muted colours of the Modern Country Style cupboards. Lots of white. Every angle of the camera picks up new delicious details.

4)The judges are lovely.
May and Patrick absolutely know their crafts. Whether its how thick a French seam should be or how the weight of a fabric will affect the final look of piece, their comments give you a whole new perspective on clothes-design.

5) The final is TOMORROW!!!

Truly, what's not to like?

Image 3 via Tilly And The Buttons, all others via BBC