I was thrilled when Pinterest got in touch to ask me to take part in their #PinItForwardUK campaign to launch Pinterest officially in the UK. It's no secret that I lurrrrve using Pinterest as a super-speedy way of saving inspiring images, which automatically link back to where I found them, so, chomping at the bit, I said I'd be honoured to take part!

In case some of you aren't familiar with Pinterest, it acts as a brilliant tool to organise your most-loved images onto Boards so that you don't have a huge jumble of chaotic gorgeousness on your hard-drive  And it's other equally awesome use, is to allow you to 'follow' other people's Boards, like this one from Design Hunter, which feeds any updates onto your Pinterest homepage. If that sounds complicated, then let me assure you it's as easy as pie....although I should warn you it can be thoroughly and deliciously addictive! 

Come on over and see what I mean. To take a look at Modern Country Style on Pinterest, just click on the links below to be magically whisked to some of my favourite Pinterest Boards:

Chalet chic

Must stop pinning skinnies and boots. Oops....

Candles made in vintage tin jelly moulds


If you haven't yet joined Pinterest, you're in for a treat! For more Modern Country yumminess, follow this link to register. Hope to see you there!