Hey there, sugarplum,

The Victorian kitchen featured last week on Modern Country Style had units in Farrow and Ball Green Blue and an over-the-Aga mantle in Mouse's Back. 

And this little beauty has the whole kitchen with units painted in Farrow and Ball Mouse' Back. And, as a handy bonus, is utterly-butterly gorgeous! (That's Farrow and Ball Pigeon on the dining room walls...)

It's only one of the most fantastic before-and-afters-on-the-cheap in the whole world ever.

Yes, siree.

This is the kitchen of Anne Turner who was Assistant Decorating Editor for the magazine Cottage Living. It was featured in its last ever issue.

Anne has taken her kitchen that's best described as bleurgh......and made it scrumptious...but without a complete overhaul.

Her budget at the time was needed elsewhere.

{I don't mean to get off-track but was she wearing her slippers in that photo?}

{Aaahaaa, I see some of the budget went towards some new snazzy footwear....}

Let's look behind the scenes at this virtual decorating miracle. :-)
The freshly brightened kitchen walls are painted in Farrow and Ball Lime White, a soft white with a slight greenish leaning. Farrow and Ball Stony Ground graces the doors and windows.

They've had the existing cupboards moved up towards the ceiling and added moulding around the top and painted the lower units with heavenly Moue's Back from Farrow and Ball paints, a soft greige with muted olive undertones.

Then, with the extra space created, shelves have been fitted under the units. Aren't they darling?

Anne Turner has changed the tiles, the worktop, appliances, sink, hardware, doors, taps, flooring and lights.

The result is like having a splediferous new kitchen without the huge cost of new units.

And don't you love the paint colours?
 All by Farrow And Yummy Ball.

{Which I do believe to be their official name.}

Well, are you smiling yet?

This afternoon I will be having the pleasure of ironing my way through the laundry equivalent of Mount Everest.

Oh, the joy.
 Bet you're smiling now....you ol' meanie.