I've been (very pleasantly) over-whelmed with the number of emails I've had about our kitchen, after showing its dramatic DIY makeover on my Summary of 2010 at Modern Country Style. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know what you'd love to see more of.

I whizzed through showing our kitchen makeover briefly in July but I think the time has come to unpack the whole makeover process more slowly in response to your requests.

As a kind of enticement of what's to come in future posts, I'd love you to come with me and let me show you around our old kitchen.

Coming? Great!

Here's the first peep, through the old dining room door....

There, in all its orange glory, is our old kitchen. To be kind to the previous owners (the 'before' photos are from house details pre-purchase), I think the wall colour is more of a sunset gold. But to me, it screams ORANGE!

I'm not an orange fan. Oranges, yummy. Highlighters, maybe. But walls? Oh no, siree. Especially orange walls AND orange and blue tiles.

*shiver of horror*

Can you see it? Do you need a closer look? Would I ever deny you?!! Come on through.....

The problem with this orange kitchen and my orange 'allergy' (call me a drama queen if you will but it may as well be an allergy) is that I so dislike the colour that even the things I *did* like were shrouded in orange-rage mist.
Because of the strong wall colour, all the other surfaces seemed to reflect the orange tones.

Like being in a giant egg yolk. Food-related so I suppose topical for a kitchen but not the lovely Modern Country Kitchen I yearned for!

Coming soon to a screen near you.....
How To Makeover Your Kitchen: from drab to fab!


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