Hello my lovely Friday. I'm so pleased to see you again.

You are my absolute favourite day of the week.

Oh, I'm so excited. Yesterday, I noticed our daffodils pushing up from their winter rest.

And the snowdrops are in bud.

Real proper buds. Ready to reveal their beautiful dropping heads. And it feels as though it's just for me.

Come on, Spring....you can do it. We're rooting for you.

Rooting? Geddit?

Now then, in this Kitchen Series we've completed Step 1 (Kitchen Foraging) and Step 2 (Narrowing Choices) so we can venture onto.....

 Step 3: Choosing a Colour Scheme.

I have to tell you that choosing colours is my absolute favourite part of the whole process of renovation.

I am Mrs Colour Chart and Mrs Sample Pot all rolled into one gloopy delight.

This is what I do to begin choosing my colour scheme:

I scour lots and lots of pictures and save my 9 out of 10 choices. Ring any bells here? Yup, this is Step 1 again but altered to cater for colour instead of style.

Some of my 9 out of 10 pictures aren't necessarily in my style pile (oooh, Style Pile.....that rhymes). But I'm not looking for that here. I've already narrowed my choices style-wise in Step 2.

Once I've collated a colour inspiration pile (Collated....doesn't that sound a grown-up word to you? Yup, I can collate now, real adult that I am), I leave it for a week or two and then go through it again, making sure my choices are still 9 out of 10s.

Then I take a careful look through. One colour almost always dominates my pile.

And, with a bit of tweaking, that's the main colour I choose.

Yup, easy as that.

For me, the colour that stands out in my choices is a gorgeous grey-blue-green colour. Yum, my favourite colour in the world.

Glaucous loveliness.

Have you checked out Swoon Worthy? She's just beginning on sharing her kitchen inspiration........gorgeous, Missus. 

Check out the way she followed Step 1 here.

If you're following along in real life with this Kitchen Series, do let me know so I can have a peek.....and then I can show you off, if you'd like, at Modern Country Style. :-)

Do you know, I can't stop thinking about the garden at the moment. I'm starting to feel it calling to me. I'm hoping to spend a bit of time out there this weekend, pottering and tidying.


Images from Chalon, Plain English, Fired Earth, Calgary Benjamin Moore, Shop Online 2011, Chalon