Speaking of all things girlie and beautiful, 
let's talk Kate Middleton,
the Duchess of Cambridge.

{I wonder if we'll ever stop calling her 'Kate Middleton' now that she's married?}

How's does this gorgeous turquoise dress rank on your to-die-for list?
I'd say it's pretty dang high up on mine.

Total teal lushability.

Kate Middleton wore this incredible dress to the London Olympic Gala Concert. 
She was by FAR the best dressed lady of the night.

Lady of the night?
That came out all wrong.

She could not look less 'lady of the night' if she tried, could she?
All the details, down to Kate's beautiful up-do and Jimmy Choo's are just perfection.

But it's Kate Middleton's sparkle-studded turquoise dress that she wore to the Royal Albert Hall event that hits all the right spots for me.

It's delightful.

Now that I'm towards the end of of my pregnancy, I can't help my mind drifting towards non-maternity clothes. They all look so beautiful, soft and so non-stretching-over-a-massive-bump. I have clothes-envy wherever I look...

On the catwalk, this Jenny Packham dress looked more like this:

Kate Middleton has changed little details to make it more in keeping with the future queen of England.
And I much prefer her more modest version. Do you?

I'd say this little number would go down a treat as a leaving-hospital outfit for me.

Let's take a look at how that might pan out...

Yup, I can just imagine Kate Middleton reaching into the car to swing out the baby car seat!! I think it might just work.

Stop your sniggering...

Hopefully, by Wednesday, I'll have snapped out of my Kate Middleton reverie and be ready to talk Girl's Bedrooms: Neutrals...

Wish me luck!

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