Have you heard of the scrumptious online magazine
Well, I'd say it's just about time you did,
so let me introduce you...

House of Fifty is edited by the uber-glamorous Janell Beals. 
For some reason, which is utterly beyond me, she has suffered from ageism. When the producers of a television show that Janell was potentially going to front, found out that she was all of 49, the door of opportunity suddenly closed. 
Outrageous, no?

Spurred on by that rejection, Janell launched House of Fifty a little over a year ago. Having just launched its sixth gorgeous issue, the online magazine is a big yah-boo to all those who think younger women don't need aspirational figures, and that older women don't have anything to offer. That's just total tosh. Grrrr..... Janell is exactly the kind of woman that I look up to. I've found her to be always encouraging, always welcoming and always admirable, as well as having incredibly good taste. Here's a couple of images from her home so you can see what I mean:

Each issue of House of Fifty manages to positively drip with great ideas...super-stylish but not exclusively so, these gems are ones that you just know would work for you in your own home.

Oh, and did I mention that Modern Country Style has been featured in this issue as one of two British blogs, in celebration of the London Olympics this year? 

The feature is on pages 131-135. 
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Thank you so much for having me, Janell.