I've picked out my top 10 knee high boots for this season....

Office Biker Wellies £30 from Office

{a brief aside, I'm aware that many of you in hotter climes will barely be able to contain your disbelief at the though of wearing welly boots in summer but here, in England, they can be year round staples, trudging through muddy fields.}

Hushpuppies Marshfield £105 from Schuh

Why are these my favourites?

Where do I start, my poppetts, where do I start?
I love boots that are well-made and beautifully styled.
The evocative smell of new leather shoes....aaaah!
And I absolutely cannot resist buckle detailing!

Kurt Geiger £109 9reduced from £220) from Kurt Geiger

Those dang buckles call to me like the sirens called to Odysseus.....
Buuuuuuuy meeeeeeeee!

Pied a Terre Perssonite £225 from House of Fraser

It was Odysseus, wasn't it?...quick Pause for Google check..
Yes, Odysseus was the lucky man...phew!}

Red Or Dead Bounty £100 from Schuh

They add a visual flutter without being gaudy, and the buckles are firmly in the timeless camp when it comes to added extras. 

Doctor MArten Becca £75 reduced from £134.99) from Amazon

I'd bet my last Rolo that these knee highs
will look as good in ten years as they do now.

Clarks Licorice Candy £140 from Clarks

Fashionable, yet classic.

Clarks Majestic Style £130 from Clarks

Some of my day-in-day-out boots come from these shops,
so I can vouch for their quality. 

Clarks Mascapone £120 from Clarks

You can't go wrong with black or brown knee high boots.
there ANYTHING that doesn't look good with them?

Dune Blackjack £169 from Dune

If the boot fits, wear it!!
{Boom boom...}