Welcome to Part 3 of Gwyneth Paltrow Fashion favourites. We've covered Gwyneth's Knee High Boots and Scarves so far.
Both Country Classics, given a gorgeous Modern twist.

And today's Mac post is no difference.
The perfect Modern Country Style outer-wear.

The Mac conjures up images of taking the dogs (definitely plural) for a long walk.
Rambling through hills, splashing through streams.
Sheltering from a sudden downpour,
collar pulled tight....

prevented from being at all twee by those fantabulous Modern details that Gwyneth Paltrow's style shows off so well:
beautiful fabrics
stylish belts
military touches...

Gone is the rather shapeless farmer-style coat (practical, yes, glam? Err.....no!), to be replaced by beautiful tailoring, skimming perfectly over any lumps and bumps that might be hiding underneath.

Knotting the belt or pulling it to the back can winch your waist in to create extra va-vavoom, particularly useful for slimmer shapes, like our Gwynnie.

So whether it's with added epaulettes, or a bit of sparkle, or a special new belt, how will you get your coat to stand out from the crowd?

Next time, I'll be sharing my favourite ever Mac....