When it comes to keeping my wardrobe fresh and lovely, I'm always a keenie. When I spotted these sachets, from a French company no less, I had to share my Mi-Septembre find with you immediatement. Mais oui!

Normally, I hesitate to recommend products from other countries because of shipping costs but these are so exquisite AND this month they have free shipping with a purchase over 40 Euros, so there's no excuse for anything but a perfectly-fragranced wardrobe.

"Nacre" Sachet

These pretty sachets are exclusively designed by Mi-Septembre. Isn't that a fabulously French-sounding name? It means 'My September', which, for me, carries particular resonance, because it's a time when our children start their school year, when our home settles down into a gentle routine, and I'm able to feel much more peaceful, to plan new projects, to delve my fingers into new schemes and, most importantly this year, to spend lots of one-to-one time with my gorgeous baby girl!

These sachets are unsurprisingly award-winning. I found the images on their website mesmerising. Aren't the details aspirational? 

The fragrance within the sachets is Mi-Septembre's own blend, incorporating a mix of star-anise, cinnamon and cloves. Moving inexorably into autumn, those are the aromas that I am love.

And coupled with the materials used, including natural linen and the dull lustre of mother-of-pearl buttons, ordering these becomes a Modern Country no-brainer. 

"Classique" Pouch 

I have to say, though, that these seem far too gorgeous for hiding away in my wardrobe. I want to display them all around the house!

Will you be joining me?