Meet our new lamp! Isn't she a babe!

Originally from The White Company, we bought this a while ago but never found the right place for her...until now! Perfectly perched next to the girls' bed, poised for a spot of reading!

I love her curvy wooden base and her nickel switch. Sturdy but shapely, she's just my cup of tea. And the gentle tones tie in perfectly with the Cabbages and Roses Hatley fabric of the curtains.

Oh, and the girlies love her too!!

The lamp needed a bit of TLC before we put her up because the paint on the base had begun to peel away (I wasn't lying when I said we got the lamp quite some time ago!!). Note to self: don't store nice things in the attic unprotected...

But I was able to find the PERFECT touch-up paint. This particular shade came to me in a Eureka moment. I knew we had a can of it knocking about in the shed so I popped up to get it and was pretty darn pleased because the match was outstandingly perfect! You literally can't tell where the paint begins and the original finish starts. Hurrah!

So what was the paint in question? 
Come back Friday and all will be revealed!!