Laura, who writes the blog Happy Homemaker UK, arranged a bloggers' get-together at Sketch in Oxford Circus. So, on Tuesday, off I tootled down to London, to meet everyone. 

{I took my gorgeous baby girlie with me so please excuse the lack of photos. I was having too much fun chatting to friends and cuddling Sophie!! Oh, and trying to pick my jaw off the floor at the unbelievable decor.}

I have to tell you, I was a little bit nervous but there wasn't even the slightest need. What an incredibly awesome day it turned out to be! 

These women's blogs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to showing how warm, funny and intelligent they are. The conversation flowed easily, helped along by plenty of tea (chai, natch), and heavenly food.

We talked over every inch of blogging...and all of us felt that one of the unexpected blessings that comes through having a blog is the extraordinary connections you forge, sometimes across the country but at other times, across the world. I know I'm incredibly grateful for the friendships I've made.....

...and how wonderful to be able to yabber on to our hearts content all afternoon in such an incredible location. If you haven't been to Sketch then pleeeeeease do. The whole location will blow your little socks clean away. 

Here's who I had the enormous pleasure of spending the afternoon with, left to right:

Robynne from Robynne's Nest
Louise from Love and Lilac
Belinda from Wild Acre 
Laura from  Happy Homemaker UK
Me and Little Miss Sophie!
plus Sarah (not pictured) from Sarah Jane Down The Lane 

Then after we finally finished eating, we popped over the road to Liberty's/

 Such a special experience.
{Thanks, girls!}

Here's to the next one!

PS The winners of the Mi-Septembre Giveaway are Susan T and Mrs Sutton.
Congratulations! Emails winging your way!

Photo: Sketch, Sketch, Happy Homemaker UK