If you're just about to embark on a decorating project of your own,
then may I recommend Holly Becker's Decorate Workshop, published by Aurum Press. 

Gorgeous photographs by Debi Treloar adorn nearly every page but I hope you've come to expect that in books I recommend. 
{Nothing but the best here!}

This book has something else to offer entirely. Decorate Workshop is far more like having a friend alongside you pointing out handy hints, and top tips to take your project to another level. 

It's warm and personal, right from the word go...just look at this:

Decorate Workshop has a different end point in mind than most interior books, which have a certain style to teach. This book encourage you to think through YOUR style so that the result reflects you, and you alone.

Divided into 8 Steps (the 8 is to reflect the Holly's Decor8 blog) to take you right along the journey...

...from Seeking Inspiration through Drawing Up Your Ideas and ending with Happy Decorating, every base is covered.

One of the things that you'll really love about Decorate Workshop is seeing the route that Holly Becker took when decorating her own house, so many delicious details are included. 

Yes, you can learn from the Mistress herself! From the first to the last word, Holly Becker's beautiful writing shines through. 

She encourages you to treat Decorate Workshopas more of a journal. Now I just need to summon up courage to write on its lovely pages!