This week has been quite the whirlwind, what with one thing and another.

I'm not talking about the crazy-hot un-English-like weather, 
or the near-miraculous Wimbledon win by Andy Murray.
Not even gonna mention my new head of highlights {L:O:V:E!}.

No, what I'm harping on about is this week's posts skipping willie-nillie between rustic-country to indistrial-glam with such brazen insolence!

After that whirlwind tour of the extremes of Modern Country interiors, let's get firmly back to home-turf and take a tour of a truly special Modern Country home.

A cool, calm background of muted, nature-inspired colours, if indeed they can be called colours! Immerse yourself in the deep, inky greys, rough plaster finishes and, for the flooring, a mix of slate tiles, warm wood, and bright white paint.

Don't you feel instantly back in home territory?
Shoulders drop.
Breathing deepens.
Heart-rate slows.

And that's why I so abashedly relish Modern Country Style.

It's not just the aesthetic.
It's the effect it has on me.

And with the enormously wonderful but busy privilege of five gorgeous littlies to look after, I need all the help I can get to chill. ;-)

A relaxing home is a good place to start, don't you think?

Images via Home and Delicious