I absolutely adore this little corner of our home. 

We bought the table as extra seating for the littlies when we have lots of people over. It looks so sweet tucked away to one side.

One day, not so long ago, I decided it needed a tablecloth...for its finer moments in life.

The edges were given a straightforward hem on my sewing machine. This was SUCH a simple project. If you see a couple of metres of a fabric you love then please snap it up and make one for yourself...even the most nervous of beginners could pull this off with considerable aplomb. 

No excuses now...particularly as this Heligan fabric is currently half price at Laura Ashley's website.

The fabric transformed it in a flash into Modern Country perfection, particularly with these beautiful flowers perched atop.

It takes a special kind of fabric to be able to take such a beautiful bouquet. The combination of the greige background, and simple white and greens of the hydrangea motif doesn't fight with the beauty of the real thing; it somehow enhances it.

Poppy heads, eucalyptus, roses, lilies, feverfew, nigella....
flowers fit for a king and queen!