Shall we move outside for a moment?
I am an absolute sucker for a mix of sharp Modern topiary, and soft Country planting.


If our garden was free from little children's tricycles, and homemade dens for staying the night outside, and leftover campfires from said adventures, then my dream garden might look something like this gem, designed in conjunction with Taylor Tripp.

Climbing Rose

Walled Garden


If....if....if.....but I wouldn't give up my life for the world..... 

In fact, we've just got this fab bucket barbecue from Garden Trading so that we can enjoy our outside adventures to the full! It's apparently inspired by fishermen cooking their suppers over a bucket of coals at the beach, hence its name: Whitstable.

Sturdy but light, with a slight industrial touch....the thought of late-at-night sausage suppers has never seemed so cosy.