And now, my cherubs, after a fantastically heart-warming family Easter, let us move onto the second book review....

Willow Crossley has her second book out! Inspire: The Art Of Living With Nature by Willow Crossley, published by CICO books, is available from It includes fifty lovely projects on how to bring the outside in.

And, when I say lovely, I really do mean lovely!

I have to say that Willow's first book wasn't reviewed on Modern Country Style because I didn't think it made the grade but Inspire is a gigantic step up, and most definitely worthy of a place in the Modern Country Good Books Hall Of Fame.

With its rustic-inspired stitched spine, and simple-but-stunning front cover, Inspire is gorgeous from the get-go. 

The ideas are divided into five sections: Woodland, Flora, Fauna, Beach and Edibles; each filled to bursting with crafty deliciousness that you just know you could whip up in an afternoon.

I'm talking about sea urchin candle holders, personalised pebbled, and teapots filled with strawberry plants. Love, love, LOVE!

Inspire by Willow Crossley has been seeing us merrily crafting throughout the Easter break..beautiful projects and stunning photography. Can I tempt you to click on the link and buy? You'll be in Modern Country Garden heaven.