Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to our completed kitchen shelves. Please try to avert your peeping eyes from the gorgeous paint colour changes....more on that to come! Never let it be said I don't spoil you. ;-)

Farrow and Ball Blue Grey
Take a peek at the 'before' photo below. Do you see that corner with the ugly old boiler? That's the space I was working with for this project. What a huuuuuuuuge waste of potential, as well as a humungous eyesore.

We had the boiler moved upstairs to the bathroom airing cupboard. Then our lovely carpenter came and installed three beech shelves and upstands to match the existing beech worktops.

Modern Country Kitchen
Modern Country Kitchen

I've so enjoyed toying with ideas of how to fill this whole space. So, so, soooooooooooo enjoyed it. I loved the whole process. Loved, loved, L.O.V.E.D.....Should that go here?.............Can I fit that in there?.......................I'm not sure about those.............Aaaah, now that's more like it!!

Here's the shelf-by-shelf lowdown. Take it from the top......

Modern Country mugs

Modern Country

And in second place...........

Modern Country jars

Modern Country open shelving
old jars
And, last but not least, the bottom shelf........

Wooden shelves


And, now, a serious moment, if you please. Here, revealed for the first time just for you, is the whole gamut of shelvery (that *so* should be a word):

Modern Country Kitchen
Farrow and Ball White Tie
To be honest, I couldn't really help but improve on the monstrosity that was there before but I really am glad we bit the bullet and got the boiler moved. It was an expense but soooo worth it! Look at all the space we've gained!

Farrow and Ball White Tie
I've got lots of my favourite kitchen pieces out on show now, as well as practical items easily to hand. No more fishing around in the back of cupboards for the flour/sugar/ rice (not that my kitchen cupboards are anything but the epitome of organisation, you understand....).

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