I have two exciting bits of news before I get going on the kitchen in a sec.
The first is that my Homemade Snuggly cushion made from a woollen cardigan was featured last Friday on the brilliant, the wonderful, the amazing A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress by Mrs Limestone herself, who I think of as the queen of interior blogs. Waaaaaah. I was beside myself with excitement, dancing with glee.....seriously! If you want to see Mrs Limestone's post, why don't you click on down to her fabulous site?

If, on the other hand, you'd like see my tutorial, then get clicking here to see some woolly magic turning this cardigan...........

........into this cushion. You really don't need to be a pro for great results. Do please let me know if you've had a go. I'd love to hear all about how you got on. Except for if it turns out better than mine. Only joking. ;-)

My second bit of exciting news is that I have twenty-five Followers! Yay! Well, that bit is exciting to me, anyway! Again, more dancing with glee. I've doing a lot of dancing these past few days, as I'm sure you can imagine!

Along with the dancing and the being beside myself with excitement , I've been arranging shelves in the kitchen,which has bee a very enjoyable task. Remember how they were when Mr Carpenter had been?

All lovely but so very, very bare. They needed some Modern Country Style injected, don't you think? Now, the top shelf, especially, needed my thinking cap on because it was such an awkward space. Part of the chimney breast sticks out over it and the other half, where the ugly old boiler used to dominate, has quite a high space to fill. My mission, which I eagerly chose to accept, was to find beautiful things that would sit alongside each other without drawing the eye to the awkwardness of the room.

That tall space was particularly irksome.........until ......... I found this gorgeous glass urn vase. The colour of the dull sea-grey glass picks up on the Farrow and Ball Blue Grey fantastically. I'm really pleased with it. It's height, its lovely shape. Gorgeous. Ta-daaaaaaaa:

The low part of the top shelf was begging to be filled with these lovely big mugs. They are by Cote Table (with a circumflexand an acute but I don't know you do thoseon here....), a French company but are available from Dibor in the UK. I love them for a nice warming cup of hot chocolate, or a tasty winter soup. They're a really nice design to snuggle with, both hands clasped around the chunky bowl.

Aren't they lush? I think they're top shelf material, don't you? ;-)