Look at what I made!! Yippee!

Welcome to the final part of the tutorial for this Modern Country Cushion. It's time to put all the pieces together! This is the best bit, I think. You're so near the end! So exciting! So close to seeing the final result!

Step 1

Put your front piece of your cushion on top of back piece,  pretty sides facing each other.

See? How easy can it be?

Step 2

Remember your piping that you unpicked from the sofa seat cushion? Now is it's chance to shine! You don't need to make your own, which isn't hard, exactly, just time-consuming. You can just use this pre-prepared piping (try saying that five times fast!).

See the piping cord encased in the same material? Saves a LOT of work!

Lay it around the outside of the square, one inch/2.5cm in from the edge,with the rounded part of the piping facing inwards, towards to centre of the square.

Pin through the top layer, piping and bottom layer.
 Pin in place, again one inch/2.5 cm in from the edge, all the way around.....
...and repeat....

....until it looks like this:

See the bump of the piping under the top layer?

Step 3

Carefully sew around the edge of the square over your pins. I used the zipper foot on my sewing machine as you really need to sew as close as you possibly can to the enclosed piping cord to give you a neat finish. Turn the right way around.

This is why you need to sew close to the piping. Otherwise you get a nasty gap here.

Step 4

If the corners aren't lying comfortably, trim a little of the seam allowance on the inside to reduce bulk

   Step 5

Do a little song and dance around the room and show everybody you know and, hey, why not some poeple you don' t know, your lovely new Modern Country cushion!!

The gorgeous button-y front

The equally gorgeous button-y back

 A Final Note:

I could not believe my ears when some of you said that you're nervous of your sewing machines. You are Super Women! You do so much other stuff.....sanding down endless pieces of furniture, making your homes look gorgeous, wielding power tools (yes, I'm talking to you ;-) ). There's nothing to be nervous of......really! It's only practice which brings confidence, not some secret skill. I'm by no means a trained seamstress. I didn't learn at my mother's knee. It really is just practice.If it goes wrong, you can just unpick and redo. No big deal.

I've got just the place for this Modern Country Cushion, now the nights are drawing in. All will be revealed shortly.

{So, tell me, when was the last time you used a sewing machine? What did you make? Were you pleased with it? Do let me know.}


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