Well.....? Did you notice any changes around here?

Haircut? Well, yes...and thank you for spotting that, you sweetiepie, but try again. And this time, look up....

I've got myself a brand new Header. I cobbled it together  myself.  I did like the old look but because it was only a Blogger template, it wasn't unique to me. 

Plus I decided that I should really smarten up around here a bit.

So....what do you think? I'd love your feedback if you have a moment.

Today I have a surprise for you. It's Modern Country Style's very first guest blogger! Meet Courtenay who only started her blog, Signal Hill Interiors, October. She is so gorgeously lovely...and funny too.

Take it away, Courtenay.....

Hello Modern Country Stylers!

 Courtenay here from Signal Hill Interiors. The lovely and talented Sarah has asked me to talk about my gift wrap ideas for this year so I'm just gunna do what she says. Cause this is her blog, that's why!

Let me just start by saying that I am no expert gift wrapper. Evidence of this can be found here in my original post on the subject. That being said, I think it's important for a non-wrap expert and also a slightly spaz-attack prone person such as myself to plan ahead to get the best results. I want to test what's going to look good and work now, so that when the pressure's on, I know exactly what to do and I can get all my gifts wrapped beautifully lickity-split.

The plan starts with a box.

I made a mock up of a gift, wrapping it in brown paper because that's what I'm planning to use this year.

It's important that it be wrapped exactly as I would do it in real life so I can see how it's really going to look. This is really how I wrap my presents. Really. It's that bad. Just trust me though, it's going to turn out good.

Next I gather up all my embellishments and get to work.

My first idea for this round was to just try out some extra ribbons that I have and love, but haven't found a use for.

This is simple, but cute for moms and other such people.

Sarah really liked this one and so do I. I like the impact to effort ratio here.

This idea will be used a lot.
I had an idea to use up extra bits of scrapbook paper so I cut out a whole bunch of petals from my scraps.

Then I just started placing them around like a flower.

I made three different layers.

I like this one too. This would be super fun for kids. I might actually think about putting this onto a separate piece of paper first and then attaching it so the flower can be saved after the gift is open.

I thought I'd try a little tone on tone action here.

I am crazy for this one. It took no work, just a simple double bow and it looks like a million bucks. And that tag? I just cut it from a scrap of paper and strung it on with some twine. I'm never buying tags again! This is so much cuter and actually even easier than peeling those little sticky tabs off of store bought tags.

So there you have my wrapping strategy. It's simple and totally easy, but I'm actually excited to wrap my gifts this year instead of a little fearful of the possible ridicule. 

I hope you've enjoyed your time with me today as much as I've enjoyed being here. Hope to see you again soon!

Ooooh, isn't she great? Reading Courtenay's posts always puts a spring in my step. I like blogs like that, don't you?

I'm torn between the charcoal ribbon and the tone on tone action (gotta love that title). I just love the brown paper and the simple styling. Stunning.

Please will take a minute and pay her a visit at Signal Hill Interiors....?

Have a look at the amazing chalk-board boxes they've made to hold their daughter's toys....ooh, and her amazing table make-over....and...and.... 

They just seem to produce one amazing project after another with seemingly no effort at all.

Jealous me?...... No, my face is always that shade of green....

And what's this all about?......I can't wait to show you what I've been up to over the weekend....