See what I did there? Did you appreciate my hilarious title today?

When we first moved into our house it was chockablock with hideous doors. All the beautiful original doors had been ripped out by previous villains.

Errr, I mean owners.

Hard not to feel frustrated but I guess it was their house...

Part of renovating our Master bedroom was picking out salvaged doors.

A dirty job...but someone a got to do it...

Time to call in Mr Modern Country.

Salvage Superhero...

There are some lusciously gorgeous doors out there.

And some pretty hideous ones it has to be said.

Here's a selection of divine doors on which to feast your hungry eyes.

Do you like your doors traditionally-served?

Or Modern-looking?

Doors have such a huge impact, don't they?

I speak from tragic experience, having lived with the grossest doors in the world for a year.

Do you like to keep your doors open...

...nice and airy?

Or shut....

...a cosy cocoon?

Or a little bit of both?

Now that reclaimed doors are so widely available, there's no excuse for dowdy doors....

Next time, I'll share the adventure of how we eventually found our salvaged doors.

Oooh, and I'm so excited to share my Christmas crafts with you over the next couple of months. I keep waking up in the middle of the night with new ideas!!

Is that normal?

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