Have you heard of China Jack Mosaics? They make hand-crafted gorgeous Union Jack mosaics from vintage china and printing blocks.

{I realise the clue is in the name. See, I'm clever like that...} 

Did someone say Union Jacks AND printing blocks in the same sentence? I want one...I want one.....

Look at all the scrumptious details in the china....Seriously, they are completely lush.
And, for the more eagle-eyes among you, don't think I didn't spot Nigella's new Kitchen book on the table in the photo below.

{Any friend of Nigella is a friend of mine.}

{Okay, I should tell you, if you don't know already, I have a thing about Nigella...did you not see my Nigella shrine?!}

And I'm completely liking the way the mosaics have been styled. I want that red radio too.

{I can always hear my teacher's voice at this point saying, "I want doesn't get....."}

Now, let me think for a second....do I love Union Jacks? Errr, yes!

Do I love gorgeous crafts....Errr, yes!

Do I love repurposed vintage loveliness? Errrr....yes!

It's a no-brainer....these are right up my street.

 It's official: I love China Jack! The only question is...which mosaic to pick?! What do you think? 

Voting starts......now!