Here's a bit more info for everyone who asked about the picture behind our bed. I don't think I've had so many enquiries before about one thing! So, never one to hold back, here's the lowdown.

Lowdown is a cool word, don't you think? Yes, I feel pretty darn cool when I say lowdown.

I bought the picture from Wesley Barrell who mainly sell sofas but also some rather lovely home accessories.

The Master bedroom was looking rather bare and I thought this wall above the bed would be the perfect place to put some kind of picture. I got busy looking and as soon as I saw this beautifully restful photo, I knew it was the one.

The image was taken by Jeff Teasdale and it's called Westwater #1. Not quite black and white....

.....yet not quite colour.

If you're interested, here's a link I've found where you can see his other work.

I'll tell you a little secret. I had to delete quite a lot of the photos I took because you could see my reflection in the picture.

And I was still in my jim-jams.....

No make-up.

Just-got-out-of-bed hair...

and not in a good way.

Don't think I can't hear you breathing a sigh of relief....

Now onto happier matters, guess where I'm going tomorrow?

Here's your first clue...

Image By Mrs Pao
Have you guessed? No?

Okay, then here's your second clue....

That was more than a clue, really, wasn't it? I got bored with giving out clues willy-nilly.... I thought I'd just get on with the telling part....

I go into London each year for a brilliant day out with my Mum. We have such a great time. It's one of the things that marks the beginning of my Christmas. Do you have those too?

Oh, hang on, why are you crying?

Because you can't be there? You poor lovely. Well, wipe your eyes. I've got a plan.

I'll tell you what, I'll take lots of pictures of the best bits and it'll be just like you *were* there....only you don't have to get sore feet from tramping around all day.

Note to self: don't wear heels again...

How does that sound?

Feeling better already? I'm so pleased. I hate it when you're sad.