This gorgeous picture sums up the look I love at Christmas time. It's not an overly styled look. It just gently calls you in to sit down with family and friends, in a relaxed and welcoming home.

Thank you so much for all your great comments about cameras yesterday. You really helped me. I think I'm nearly there now in my decision. I'll let you know what Santa decides to bring me!

My handsome Mr Modern Country has been away this week but he gets back today. I just got the call to say that he's landed and is on his way home to me. Yeeeeehaaaaah!!! I've missed his lovely hugs so much. I'm so excited to see him. I'm just off to prettify myself for him.

Oooh, and do follow along to make sure you get to join in with Wreath Week, starting on Monday, when I'll share how to make a stunning wreath from scratch and for free.

{Did someone say stunning AND free?....Yes, siree....}


Image via House to Home