Hi gorgeous! 

Look, I've put our first decoration up....

{Yes, just one. Don't laugh...it's a start, right?}

And it's not just any old decoration, you know, it's my heart and cinnamon wreath that I showed you how to make here, if you'd like a peep.

It has pride of place in our dining room.

{Notice it's up high...out of reach of little hands...}

Have you seen our dining room? I whizzed through it on here in a fit of blogging exuberance when it was first decorated a few months ago but I think in the New Year, I can show you in more detail.

{Would you like that?}

These photos were a nightmare to take.

It threw my camera into a tizz.

{And it threw me a bit too....}

The camera didn't know where to focus....in the mirror or out of the mirror...

I currently have a point and shoot Canon and, while it's great for what it is, it's thoroughly automated so it's hard to make manual adjustments for situations like this.

Let's just say there were a lot of photos in the edit pile...

Now, for Christmas, I hope to be getting a new digital SLR. I'm still unsure about which one to get. I would SO like to hear your recommendations.

How much should I spend? What features should I particularly look for? What should I avoid?

And most importantly...

What colour should it be?

{That was a joke...honest...}

But I'd be very grateful for your thoughts...

Anyway...back to the heart and cinnamon garland. I'm so pleased with how it looks there. I love this style for this time of year: simple, homely and warm. The smell of the cinnamon is gorgeous. Perfect for a Modern Country Christmas, don't you think?

I think I'll want to leave it there after Christmas.

{Do you think I could get away with that?}

No doubt I'll want to leave the tinsel up too.

And the lights...

Not to mention the tree...

I'm linking to my favourite parties in my sidebar.