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Are you getting dolled up for Friday's Wreath link party? It's my first ever and I'd love you to be there with me. Thank you SO much to those of you who've posted my Wreath Friday button on your blogs.

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And what have I got for you today?


This wreath-making session is for those of you that like something a little more natural at Christmas-time.

Have you seen this beauty from Pottery Barn? Now's your chance to make your very own!

Although, a friend of a friend of a friend has been known to leave wreaths up all year.

{Alright, you got me, that was moi...}

Natural wreaths are easy-peasy to make.
All you need are dried flowers and some glue...oh, and your home-made freebie wreath base from yesterday's post!

It's best to think of these natural wreaths in terms of having three layers on the base.

The first layer's purpose is for general coverage. This should be in a neutral colour in order to show the other layers off to their best advantage. You could try something like sage but I like santolina stems best. I love the white-grey colour and they're so easy to work with.

Layer two is the supporting role, made up of one or two different types of small-ish flowers or seed heads. This layer provides some colour and prettiness to the wreath without detracting from layer three! My wreath uses lavender for layer two, which adds a beautiful fragrance too.

{It also makes getting your hands covered in glue that much more enjoyable when you're surrounded by a heavy fug of gorgeous scent.}

And the final layer is the star of the show! Beautiful flowers or seed heads that draw your eye and give the wreath the wow-factor! Here I used large dried hydrangeas that only have a touch of their pinkness left. SO pretty.

{I have a thing about hydrangeas.}

Don't worry too much about your choices, though. As long as your chosen flowers dry well, just go with what you love. I love using flowers from my garden here in England so I just work with what's available.

So, now we've chosen our three layers, we're ready to begin!

Tie any hanging ribbon or raffia to the wreath before you start adding flowers because it's a nightmare to put in afterwards.

{So speaks the sad voice of experience....}

Taking a stem from layer one, dip the end into the pva glue and push it into the wreath. Repeat with more and more stems, overlapping each one with the previous, until all the base is covered.

Then, take small bunches of your layer two choice and continue the process. Glue, push in, glue push in...

Finally, put in three or five of your layer three flowers, equally spaced, round your wreath.

I've only chosen photos of the finished wreath this time because gluing photos aren't much to look at!!

Oooh, pretty wreath, I love you!...and I'm linking up to lovely Holly's party at Homebody.

Next time, I'll be sharing how to make a more typically Christmassy wreath. It's my absolute favourite!!

Cinnamon and Oranges anyone?

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